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Bios - Cadmus

First Appearance: "Ultimatum" (first mention); "Doomsday Sanction" (first physical appearance)
Position: Hidden Division of the U.S. Government
Bio: "Secret weapons. Illegal cloning experiments. Bypassing congress. " These three subjects that Batman pointed in Waller's face is an apt way to describe the intentions of Cadmus.

Formed after the Justice League battled the Justice Lords from an alternate dimension, Government officials became concerned when the Justice League beat them in every scenario in simulated tests. On top of the fact that the Justice League had a giant space station "with a laser pointing down", the Government took action and began creating their own super-powered army in the event that they'd need to take the Justice League down, should their morals turn sour.

Headed by Amanda Waller, other members include Professor Hamilton, Dr. Hugo Strange, General Eding and Tala.

Cadmus was eventually proven wrong about the Justice League and after allying themselves with Lex Luthor, were tricked into almost aiding in the destruction of the world. Cadmus was still around after this mishap, however, and occasionally aided the Justice League.

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