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Bios - Black Canary

Voiced By: Morena Baccarin
First Appearance: "Initiation"; "The Cat and the Canary" (Speaking)
Position: Justice League Member; Girlfriend of Green Arrow
Bio: Trained by the legendary Wildcat, Black Canary adds her training to her ability to produce a “canary scream”—a sort of sonic shockwave that can crumble anything in its path.

When Wildcat refused to quit the Meta-Human Fighting Organization, she enlisted the aid of Green Arrow to help her free him. Upon arriving, they found that Wildcat didn’t want to be freed; he was in the meta-fights in order to prove that he still had “it;” striking a deal with Roulette that pitted Canary against Wildcat, the two were set to fight in the ring. If Canary won, Roulette had to ban Wildcat from fighting; if Wildcat won, then Canary would leave him alone forever.

Before the fight could take place, Green Arrow gassed Canary, taking her place in the ring. Staging his own death, Green Arrow fell to the mat, lifeless, ending the match. Wildcat walked off, believing he had killed Green Arrow while Canary cried over his body.

Waking up after the trick ended (“It’s a stunner. Puts you in metabolic stasis for a few minutes”), Canary and Wildcat took him back to the Watchtower; before leaving the arena however, Canary set off a sonic scream, toppling the stadium into nothing but rubble.

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