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Bios - Carter Hall

Voiced By: James Remar
First Appearance: "Shadow of the Hawk"
Position: Reincarnated Thangarian
Bio: Born Joseph Gardner, he had it legally changed to Carter Hall after he discovered the Absorbascon, a device used to connect to Thanagarians telepathically, during an archeological dig. After he touched it, he realized he was really Kator Hol, or Hawkman, reincarnated. Believing that Shayera Hol was his true love, Carter followed her (or as Batman said, “stalked” her) until he saw a chance to approach her.

Taking her to the tomb, he revealed to her his true identity. Kator Hol and Shayera Hol had crashlanded in ancient Egypt, where they gave the people the technology to build their pyramids and other incredibly advanced forms of technology. Though many of the Egyptians praised these two, a few others saw them as a threat and poisoned them.

After Shadow-Thief collapsed the Thangarian temple, Carter attempted to go back and retrieve the Absorbascon, hoping that if Shayera interfaced with it, she would believe his story. With the building crumbling around him, Shayera went to save him from being killed; she knocked him out and carried him back to the surface, leaving the Absorbascon, temple and treasure to become trapped under tons of debris.

Carter Hall believes that he and Shayera are the Hol’s reincarnated and are true lovers. While Shayera does not believe it, Hol smiles and tells her that he’s “waited thousands of years for us to find each other; I can wait a little longer.”

The end to Hall's obsession with Shayera came when Shadow Thief, really an extension of Hall, showed them the rest of the vision that Hall saw through the Absorbascon. In this flashback, Shayera wanted to have a child with Kator Hol; Kator, however, wanted to wait and instead looked blindly when Shayera started showing interest in one of Kator's top generals. When Kator finally saw the two kissing, he muttered under his breath that he wished they were dead, something his assistant, Hath-Set, took literally. Poisoning their wine, Shayera and the general, Ashari, lay dead on a bed together. Seeing this scene, Kator wept for his lost wife and took a drink of the poisoned wine, ending the legacy of the Thanagarian's on Earth.

Shayera saw all of this with John Stewart and Carter Hall. Hall absorbed Shadowthief back into his body and told Shayera that now that he knew that his destiny was not to be with her, he would stop bothering her.

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