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Bios - Circe

Voiced By: Rachel York
First Appearance: "This Little Piggy"
Position: Sorceress
Bio: Due to them “needing more space below” (aka: The Pit of Eternal Torment [“That’s where they hang you by your ankles and weasels come each night to eat your fingers. They grow back the next day, but trust me, it gets old real quick”), Circe was paroled and allowed to leave, but not before promising not to harm Hippolyta. Wanting to get out, Circe agreed—but instead went after the next best thing: Princess Diana.

Once she got to Diana, she immediately turned her into a pig, causing her to go hog wild and run off into the city. While Batman recruited B’Wana Beast, Red Tornado, Elongated Man and Crimson Avenger to go searching for “Wonder Pig”, Batman and Zatanna went after Circe who was singing at a club. Circe had always been jealous of her sisters, the Sirens, and wanted to show them that she could sing as well.

Upon arriving, Batman struck a deal with Circe: in order for Diana to be freed from her pig form, he would do whatever she needed. Circe agreed if he would allow something that he had kept deep inside himself to be allowed free. Batman took the stage and began singing “Am I Blue”, bringing both Zatanna and Circe to tears.

Circe kept her end of the bargain and converted “Wonder Pig” back into Wonder Woman. What the League did with her after that is anyone’s guess—if they even were able to capture her.

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