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Bios - The Dark Heart

First Appearance: "Dark Heart"
Position: Destroyed
Bio: The Justice League faced one of their most formidable adversary's yet--a machine made out of nano-technology that was able to replicate itself. The central "heart" sent out millions of drones; each time one was destroyed, depending on the "piece" amount, it would form another two, three or four.

The Dark Heart originated from a warring planet that sent it at it's rival like a cruise-missile. The heart landed on the planets surface and slowly destroyed the entire planet. Replicating itself each time it landed on a planet, the dark heart took over planet after planet for over fifty-thousand years, not knowing the war was over.

The Justice League, aided by Ray Palmer (The Atom), destroyed the one that landed in the U.S. But there are undoubtedly more out in the galaxy, still wreaking havoc and destroying the planets inhabitants. 

The army took the remaining pieces of the Dark Heart away. The Dark Heart later found its way to Cadmus, who stored it after not being able to understand how it worked. Lex Luthor and Brainiac later stole it from Cadmus and nearly succeeded in destroying the world.

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