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Bios - Darkseid

Voiced By: Michael Ironside
First Appearance: "Alive!"
Position: Unknown
Bio: Brainiac has been a mental blip in Luthor's mind ever since the two separated. Egging Luthor on to find pieces of Brainiac so he could be re-activated, Luthor was never successful until Tala found a vision inside a piece of leftover Brainiac. Projecting this vision to Lex, Tala was able to recreate Brainiac's last minutes and by this vision Luthor was able to plot a course to it. Traveling through space, Luthor found Brainiac's resting place, but instead of resurrecting Brainiac like he intended, Luthor brought back a pissed off Darkseid, bonded with small remnants of Brainiac.

Darkseid returned to Apokolips where warring factions were competing for rule of the planet. Darkseid's return shut down the war immediately. Wanting revenge towards Superman for killing him, Darkseid set his sights on Earth. When questioned by Kanto that an invasion would violate his treaty with New Genesis, Darkseid turned and smiled. "Where do you think I'm going next?"

With New Genesis behind him, Darkseid invaded Earth, bent on destroying it and Superman. With some minor interference from Batman and Lex Luthor, Darkseid and Superman duked it out, but stopped when Lex Luthor showed up holding the Anti-Life Equation. Luthor gave it to Darkseid and the two enveloped in a swirl of colors, but it is unknown whether both died or simply moved onto another stage in their lives.

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