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Bios - Deadman

Voiced By: Raphael Sbarge
First Appearance: "Dead Reckoning"
Position: Ghost
Bio: Boston Brand was murdered during a circus act. His sprit was given the chance to find the murderer behind his death and restore the balance. After being aided by Batman, Boston was able to figure out who killed him. Boston works under the alias of "Deadman" and is able to inhabit the body of any individual. By inhabiting the body, people can see and hear him; otherwise, he is just a ghost.

After fulfilling this part of his life, Boston was still unable to rest. With knowledge from The Master of Nanda Parbat that Boston was still around because he had to avenge another's death: The Master himself. Devil Ray later showed up along with a crew of Legion members and stole a mystic totem filled with the souls of hundreds of monks.

Boston inhabited Superman's body for a short time before they arrived at Gorilla City, where Grodd was planning to use the mystic totem to turn everyone on Earth into apes. The Justice League were eventually able to stop Grodd, but along the way Boston made a fatal mistake: Devil Ray snuck up behind Diana and nearly shot her. Deadman inhabited Batman's body and picked up a gun and shot Devil Ray, killing him.

By killing Devil Ray, Boston had made the scales unbalanced again and was forced to remain on Earth until he was needed to help tip the scales back once more.

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