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Bios - Extremists

Voiced By:
John DiMaggio as Dreamslayer
Other three did not speak.
First Appearance: "Shadow of the Hawk"
Position: Supervillains
Bio: The Extremists is a group of amateur supervillains that seem to take on more than they can battle. They are also a part of Grodd/Luthor's Legion.

The leader of the group, Dreamslayer is able to fire intensive blasts from his hands; he was quickly taken out by Green Lantern, who merely formed a bubble (ďitís a really good bubble.Ē) around Dreamslayer until he passed out.

This dangerous man has clawed hands and several tentacles sticking out of the back of his head. Gorgonís love for his tentacles met his head when Hawkgirl ended up swinging him around by one and knocking him out.

Lord Havok
Also sometimes the leader of the Extremists, Lord Havok is clad in metal armor and a fierce battler. After an exploding bat-a-rang to the chest, he was taken out.

An incredibly strong man, Tracer often taps into his animal instincts and is nearly impossible to stop. Vixen channeled a boa constrictor to slowly cut off Tracerís air supply, before he finally passed out.

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