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Bios - Fatal Five

Voiced By:
Joanne Whalley as Emerald Empress
Tomas Arana as Tharok
First Appearance: "Far From Home"
Position: Villains
Bio: A group of five super powered villains, the Fatal Five consists of Emerald Empress, Tharok, The Persuader, Validus and Mano.

Emerald Empress: Empress carries around the powerful Eye of Ekron that obeys her mental commands.

Tharok: A powerful cyborg.

The Persuader: Persuader's deadly axe packs a powerful and mean punch.

Validus: A being with vast strength, Validus is not an easy foe to bring down, though with one quick super-punch, Supergirl was able to punch a whole right through his chest.

Mano: Born with powers to disintegrate anything in his path, Mano was thrown quickly out of the fight with the Justice League after he hit the floor and fell through the bridge.

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