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Bios - Felix Faust

Voiced By: Robert Englund
First Appearance: "Balance"
Position: Sorcerer; Under Control of Hades
Bio: Though his mortal life was taken away by Hades, Felix Faust’s soul was retrieved from the depths of Tartarus by Tala, a sorceress. Tala kept Faust’s soul trapped inside a mirror, until Faust tricked her into chanting a spell that freed Faust, enabling him to switch places with her. Now trapped inside the mirror, Tala was helpless and could not stop Faust from overtaking the Annihilator, a giant destructive force created by the Greek God of War, Ares.

Faust was eventually defeated by Shayera and Wonder Woman, aided by Shayera’s magic mace, which disrupted the magic that was used to create Annihilator. Faust’s soul is now in control of Lord Hades, who is no doubt tormenting him.

For more on Faust, check out his Justice League bio.

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