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Bios - General Wade Eiling

Voiced By: J.K. Simmons
First Appearance: "Dark Heart"
Position: U.S. General, Member of Cadmus
Bio: A general in the U.S. Army, General Eiling aided the Justice League in their efforts in destroying the Dark Heart machine. Though seemingly grateful for their help, once Eiling found out that the Justice League Watchtower had the power of a nuclear weapon inside of it, he turned a cold shoulder. With the knowledge that a space station was in orbit around the world packing a giant "laser", he returned to his base with the pieces of the Dark Heart.

When Eiling was told to take out Doomsday on a remote island before he could escape, Eiling ordered the firing of a nuclear missile whose payload was filled with kryptonite. The nuke was diverted by Batman; had it landed, it would've destroyed not only the island and Doomsday, but Superman as well as countless others.

After the disaster with Cadmus, Lex Luthor and the Justice League, Eiling was demoted to being a "pencil pusher." Not willing to sit on the side lines, Eiling broke into Cadmus HQ and stole a secret super soldier formula, originally made in 1944 under the project "Captain Nazi." Taking this formula, Eiling mutated into a horribly disfigured being. Eiling's goal was to take out Superman and the Justice League, though was beaten back by a crowd in Metropolis.

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