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Bios - Gorilla Grodd

Voiced By: Powers Boothe
First Appearance: "I Am Legion"
Position: Legion Founder / Dead
Bio: After a failed “Secret Society,” Grodd decided to try his hand at a new operation: creating a legion of supervillains. This Legion consisted of hundreds of members; similar in structure to the Justice League, the members of the Legion paid Grodd for the shelter from the League and additional support should they get pinned down during a bank robbery or some other general theft. In return, Grodd would get 25% of the intake.

After recruiting Luthor for his Legion, Grodd sent him out to get the Spear of Longinus. Upon returning, it turns out Grodd only wanted the Spear to hang in his office.

Upon freeing Tala from her imprisonment in the mirror that Felix Faust trapped her in, Grodd gained a sorceress for his Legion. Grodd used her knowledge to steal a mystic totem from Nanda Parbat and Grodd later used this totem in Gorilla City to attempt to turn the entire world into apes. Grodd's plan failed when the Justice League and Deadman showed up, however and was forced to retreat.

At the next meeting, Grodd was formulating a new plan when Luthor stood up and revolted against Grodd. Luther produced a gun from his side pocket and shot Grodd in the chest and assumed control of the Legion. Grodd was taken to a containment area where he remains completely restricted of all movement.

After Luthor took the Legion into orbit to retrieve pieces of Brainiac, Tala turned on Luthor and freed Grodd. Nearly half of the Legion was spit into factions, one for Luthor and one for Grodd.

Grodd nearly won until Luthor tricked him into using his mind control. Hitting a control on his belt, Luthor reversed the mind control and used it on Grodd. Making Grodd follow his commands, Luthor threw Grodd into an airlock and shut the security door. Luthor then released the airlock, sucking Grodd into the depths of space.

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