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Bios - Professor Hamilton

Voiced By: Robert Foxworth
First Appearance: "Fearful Symmetry"
Position: Scientist of S.T.A.R. Labs; Member of Cadmus
Bio: After Superman had gone rogue and attempted to enslave the earth, Professor Hamilton immediately felt distrust, as well as betrayal, of Superman. When the order came down from above to make a clone of a metahuman, Hamilton didn't hesitate to take a strain of Supergirl's DNA. While she was still unconscious from the battle wounds she sustained, Hamilton used a kryptonite-tipped robot to extract the DNA to begin the cloning process.

What resulted was Galatea, a perfect clone of Supergirl, only accelerated in age and stature. Hamilton looked upon her as his daughter and cared for her the entire way--both before and after her first attempt at killing Supergirl.

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