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Bios - Prince John, Valkyrie and Odin

First Appearance: "To Another Shore"
Position: Dead; Unknown; Unknown

Bio: In Scandinavia, early in the 10th century lived Prince John, the greatest warrior of his era. His tremendous skill and velour brought him tremendous fame throughout the world as the legendary “Viking Prince.”

His adventures were epic, as were the legends that grew around his exploits. This much we know to be truth. On a frozen battlefield, Prince John, sole survivor of a bloody war, its purpose lost to time, met a Valkyrie, a messenger from the Norse gods, sent to escort the souls of fallen heroes to their rewards in the walls of Valhalla.

Impossibly, they fell in love and swore their hearts to each other. But Odin, king of the Norse gods, discovered their illicit affair and, enraged, banished John from Valhalla. The Viking Prince pleaded with Odin for mercy, begging to be allowed to remain with his love. Odin agreed, saying that if John died a heroic death, he and his love would again be reunited for all eternity.

But Odin was a crafty god and cruel. Before exiling John, he gifted him with invulnerability to harm from metal, wood, fire and water. The Viking Prince soon realized he would never die a hero’s death, because no weapon on earth could slay him. He tried boldly across a troubled world in search of adventure and an honorable death, growing ever more distant from humanity.

Eventually, weary of the endless fight for justice and despairing in his loneliness, he sailed North, beyond the boundaries of the known world and passed from the knowledge of men.

The Viking Prince’s ship was found in a glacier thousands of years later. Grodd and the Legion set out to retrieve the boat in an attempt to reverse-engineer Prince John’s immortality. They were unsuccessful, however, and the Justice League, led by Wonder Woman, gave Prince John a proper send off as his ship sailed towards the sun and burned up.

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