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Bios - The Jokerz

Voiced By:
Don Harvey as Chucko
Adam Baldwin as Bonk
Melissa Joan Hart as Dee Dee
Dee Bradley Baker as Woof
Michael Rosenbaum as Ghoul
First Appearance: "The Once and Future Thing, Part 1: Weird Western Tales"
Position: Goons of the Future
Bio: This particular group of Jokerz aided both the original Joker and Chronos. With Chronos's tampering of the past, not only was Bonk saved from death by Joker (and perhaps they had not served Joker at all), but they were all enhanced by Chronos's tech upgrades which he gathers from the future.

Chucko now rolls on a giant ball and carries a lightsaber-like object. The ball offers more maneuverability than he previously had with his legs and the saber adds extra "oomph." Unfortunately for Chucko, a deal he made with Batman came back to haunt him and he was thrown into the past with the dinosaurs.

Bonk sports a massive hammer that comes out his arm. He's able to deliver massive damage with this weapon and is one of the toughest of this souped-up Jokerz gang.

Dee Dee's are able to multiply themselves at will. They also now carry a energy whip which electrocutes the victim on contact. This weapon killed both the Green Lantern of the future Justice League Unlimited as well as the future Batman.

Woof sports cybernetic arms which allow him to run faster than he previously could. The arms are also able to scrape into things, as they are sharper and sturdier than his claws once were.

Ghoul has a spinning blade in his right arm which he can take out at will. As sturdy as it is deadly, Ghoul became a formidable opponent for not only Batman but the entire Justice League Unlimited--both past and present (though he cracked under pressure when interrogated by Bruce Wayne [future] and Batman [past]).

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