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Bios - Justice League Kids

Voiced By:
Dakota Fanning as Kid Wonder Woman
Kyle Alcazar as Kid Batman
Marc John Jefferies as Kid Green Lantern
Shane Haboucha as Kid Superman
First Appearance: "Kid Stuff"
Position: All Growed Up
Bio: When Mordred banished all of the adults to another dimension, Morgaine le Faye struck a deal with the Justice League: help her defeat her son and everyone in this dimension will be sent back to reality. Having no other alternative, the League agreed (despite some balking from Green Lantern), and were transformed into child versions of themselves.

Containing all of the characteristics of their adult counterparts, but half of the strength and more of that cuteness that make children so loveable, the Justice League Kids succeeded over Mordred and were eventually returned to their adult selves.

And yes, Baby Etrigran is a cutey.

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