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Bios - Krypton (Dream)

First Appearance: "For the Man Who Has Everything"
Position: Black Mercy-induced Dream for Superman
Bio: When Mongul arrived in the Fortress of Solitude on Superman's birthday, his gift to him was the Black Mercy, an animal that attaches to your chest and gives you your every desire. In Superman's case, it was this--a still very much alive Krypton, with his parents still alive, his own wife (Loana) and son (Van-El) by his side. Upon many tremors on Krypton and hearing voices, Kal-El eventually gave into the thought that this was all a delusion, and was not real. Despite much pain from having to give up knowing what he had come to love more than anything, he was able to tear away from this dream world, resulting in another destruction of Krypton--this one, of course, nothing but a dream.

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