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Bios - Legion

First Appearance: "I Am Legion"
Position: Disbanded
Bio: After a failed “Secret Society,” Grodd decided to try his hand at a new operation: creating a legion of supervillains. This Legion consisted of hundreds of members; similar in structure to the Justice League, the members of the Legion paid Grodd for the shelter from the League and additional support should they get pinned down during a bank robbery or some other general theft. In return, Grodd would get 25% of the intake.

The Legion's control went to Lex Luthor, who overthrew Grodd. After a scuffle between the members when Luthor was attempting to retrieve a piece of Brainiac, Luthor had succeeded in the battle and chucked Grodd out of an airlock, sending him into space.

Traveling through space, Luthor found Brainiac's resting place, but instead of resurrecting Brainiac like he intended, Luthor brought back a pissed off Darkseid, bonded with small remnants of Brainiac.

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