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Bios - Mandagora

Voiced By: Glenn Shadix
First Appearance: "Double Date"
Position: Crime Boss; In Jail
Bio: Mandagora used to work for Franco Bertinelli, a mob boss, until he turned on him. Killing Franco and his wife, Mandagora didn’t know that his daughter was hiding in a nearby closet where she saw and heard everything.

Mandagora set up an arrangement between him and his previously kidnapped son, saying it took him months to negotiate. The daughter of Franco Bertinelli, Helena Bertinelli, aka Huntress, came after Mandagora and almost killed him until she saw his son. Not willing to kill Mandagora in front of his son and take away a little boys father, Huntress ultimately let Mandagora go, but not before dropping a load of steel girders on top of him.

Mandagora is now in jail, while his son is believed to be in foster care.

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