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Bios - Captain Marvel

Voiced By:
Jerry O'Connell as Captain Marvel
Shane Haboucha as Billy Batson
First Appearance: "Clash"
Position: Ex-League Member, Hero of Fawcett City
Bio: Granted his powers by a wizard named Shazam, Billy Batson transforms into Captain Marvel upon yelling the wizards name. After being struck by the lightning bolt, Billy Batson's young body turns into that of a man, complete with all the power that Shazam granted him.

When Superman refuses to trust Lex Luthor, Captain Marvel intervenes and attempts to stop Superman. While he nearly beat Superman, Captain Marvel was defeated when he attempted to use too many SHAZAM callings. He was able to land two bolts onto Superman, but Superman reversed the tables and transformed Captain Marvel back into Billy Batson.

After joining the Justice League and seeing that they were no longer the heroes that he worshipped, but changed and callous versions of themselves, Captain Marvel resigned from the Justice League.

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