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Bios - Metron

Voiced By: Daniel Dae Kim
First Appearance: "Alive"
Position: Time Traveler
Bio: A scientist and chronicler, Metron came to Lex Luthor's present, in between time, in order to warn him of a grave mistake he was about to make:

"We exist between two ticks of the clock. In my travels through the myriad paths of infinity, I have seen the first and the last. But what you do today threatens the entire universe. Past. Present. And future."

Luthor ignored Metron and focused on the task at hand. Metron's departing words were "You will regret your decision. We all will."

Metron later showed up during the Darkseid / Superman battle on Earth, where Luthor demanded that Metron show him how to stop all of this chaos. Faced with giving him what he wanted or facing down the end of Luthor's gun, Metron took Lex to where he needed to go: the Source Wall. Here, Luthor discovered what he needed to know to destroy Darkseid.

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