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Bios - The Question

Voiced By: Jeffrey Combs
First Appearance: "Fearful Symmetry"
Position: Justice League Member; Paranoid Detective; Boyfriend of Huntress
Bio: Possibly the most paranoid of the Justice League, The Question strings vague clues from a series of events to form a possible answer. After splitting his way with Green Arrow and Supergirl, The Question came to the same answer they had, but also discovered more than he had originally hoped for. He came to the aid of Green Arrow and Supergirl, eventually giving Supergirl enough time to recover and begin the fight with Galatea again.

Heading the task of discovering Cadmus's secret, Question discovers Luther's true plans. Although Question had gone to kill Luthor to prevent the end of the world, as Cadmus's calculations had foretold, Question was beaten down by Luthor and taken to Cadmus headquarters, where he was tortured for information. Superman and Huntress eventually freed Question and Question healed on the Watchtower, even aiding in the attack of the Ultimen.

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