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Bios - Roulette

Voiced By: Virginia Madsen
First Appearance: "Cat and the Canary"
Position: Ex-Meta-Human Brawl Coordinator
Bio: The ringleader of the illegal meta-human battles, Roulette commanded a large sum of the rich citizens in the city’s money; wagering on her fights between meta-humans, she made millions with her prized fighter, the human Wildcat. When his friends attempted to break him out of the battles and his fighting obsession, Black Canary and Green Arrow brought it al down on top Roulette—literally. Using her canary scream, Black Canary toppled the stadium into rubble.

After not being able to recoup her losses from her Meta Brawls, she turned to Luthor for help. Since Luthor received some of the profits from the matches, he gave Roulette the ability to control the female members of the Justice League via their comm links. She had the biggest names in the Justice League show up to fight, but her plan was foiled when Huntress tracked Black Canary and discovered her ploy.

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