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Bios - Shadowthief

Voiced By: James Remar
First Appearance: "Shadow of the Hawk"
Position: Returned to Hall
Bio: One of the more powerful villains the Justice League has faced, Shadowthief is able to blend into the backgrounds as either a wall or a shadow. In addition, he’s able to solidify himself at will, making him incredibly hard to defeat.

Shadowthief followed Shayera Hol and Carter Hall to an ancient Thanagarian temple in Egypt. After knocking the two out, Shadowthief played on Hall’s love of Shayera to get him to show where the treasure in the temple was hidden. Batman interfered and a battle ensued; Shayera went after Shadow-Thief while Batman and Carter battled mummies that came alive after Shadow-Thief started a ruckus.

Despite nearly getting away with the goods, Shadowthief’s weakness to light, was his undoing. After Shayera lit her mace, Kator Hol lit a torch and Batman lit a flare, Shadowthief was forced to retreat. Spinning into a tornado-like object, he burrowed through the temple and outside, bringing the temple down with him.

Shadowthief later got out of the rubble with the Absorbascon. Showing the destiny of Carter Hall, Shayera Hol and John Stewart, Shadowthief revealed to them that he, himself, was released from the Absorbascon by Carter Hall. Shadow Thief was really just an extension of Carter Hall. His desires to be with Shayera, be a hero and everything were the essence of Shadowthief. Hall later re-bonded with Shadowthief, ending his dangerous reign.

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