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Bios - Stargirl and STRIPES

Voiced By:
Giselle Loren as Stargirl
First Appearance: "Initiation"; "Chaos at the Earth's Core" (Speaking)
Position: Justice League Members
Bio: A stepfather/daughter team, Stargirl and STRIPES helped Supergirl and Green Lantern defeat a giant Turtle causing havoc in Toyko. Stargirl was less than impressed with Supergirl stealing her spotlight. Jealous of the admiration Supergirl received, Stargirl didnt rush to make friends with Supermans cousin.

She and her Stepfather later joined Green Lantern and Supergirl again after their Javelin was intercepted by Travis Morgan and they helped Morgan defeat Demos army. Stargirl also helped Supergirl defeat Metallo after she became too weak to defeat him, realizing that saving lives isnt a popularity contest and theyre really all that different.

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