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Bios - Clark Kent / Superman

Voiced By: George Newbern
First Appearance: "Initiation"
Position: Founder of the Justice League
Bio: After a particularly hard struggle with Doomsday, Superman attempted to lobotomize him in the same way the Justice Lord's Superman did to Doomsday originally. When he failed, he knocked Doomsday into a volcano, eventually encasing him in a block of hardened magma. After retrieving it, he transported Doomsday to the Phantom Zone, an action that Batman questions.

Superman also played a key role in defeating the Lex Luthor / Brainiac combination that threatened to destroy earth. Though he attempted to disband the Justice League, he was met with protests, not only by the other Justice League members, but by the public as well. The League stayed in tact, but it's headquarters was relocated.

When a revived Darkseid turned to destroy Superman and the entire Earth, the Justice League teamed up with the Legion and together they took out the invading Apokolips armies. Superman and Darkseid's epic brawl took a breather as Luthor appeared, holding what Darkseid desired most: the anti-life equation. Darkseid and Luthor disappeared and the forces of Apokolips retreated.

After the battle, the Justice League gave the Legion members a five minute head start (as a token of their appreciation) to escape before they started chasing them.

For information on Superman, check out his Justice League Bio.

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