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Bios - Ultimen

Voiced By:
James Sie as Wind Dragon
Greg Rainwater as Long Shadow
Grey DeLisle as Downpour/Shifter
No VA Listed for Juice
First Appearance: "Ultimatum"
Position: Deceased
Bio: The Ultimen, a group of five heroes, was a project under the Cadmus helm. In addition to overseeing the process of Power Girl (Supergirl’s clone, ‘Galatea’), Professor Hamilton was one of the caretakers for the Ultimen, alongside Maxwell Lord; the two men made sure the Ultimen were kept in line with their visage to the public as a wholesome group of heroes. The reality however, was that along with Galatea, the Ultimen were a part of a group of projects started by the government in the event that another incident (Superman going rogue again) occurred where they would need heroes on their side.

The Ultimen were only a year old before their bodies broke down and began to deteriorate. The entire group, aside from Long Shadow, was taken away with Waller and Lord, while Long Shadow joined the Justice League—forever how long he may have to live.

Cadmus cloned thousands more of the Ultimen and put Galatea in charge of leading an attack against the Justice League. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Justice League, although suffering severe wounds, won the fight and repelled and killed all the Ultimen clones.

Wind Dragon’s abilities included being able to control and create high-volume wind; he later “evolved” with the power to turn things to ice.

Long Shadow’s ability was to grow more than quadruple his size, making even the all-too large Giganta say “Oh poop.”

Downpour/Shifter’s abilities were the ability to turn into any form of water (Downpour) and any kind of animal (Shifter). Shifter’s colors were limited to being white, like her natural skin color.

Juice’s ability allowed him to turn into or create a small bolt of electricity that could be amplified whenever it was required.

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