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Bios - Vixen

Voiced By: Gina Torres
First Appearance: "Initiation" (Cameo); "Wake the Dead" (Speaking)
Position: Justice League Member
Bio: A powerful superheroine who can take on the strength of any animal, Vixen controls her power through a magical talisman on her necklace. One touch and thought will give her the aid of the animal she calls upon; whether it's a cheetah for speed or an elephant for strength, Vixen can quickly become anything the situation calls for.

Vixen and Green Lantern have become an item since her initiation into the Justice League; though they've spent plenty of time together, Shayera Hol's reappearance may test their relationships strength. The test came in a form of a mission: Shayera's and Vixen were assigned a mission in deep space and by the end they became friends, despite loving the same man.

Despite knowing of his future son, Warhawk, Green Lantern chose Vixen over Shayera.

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