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Bios - Amanda Waller

Voiced By: C.C.H. Pounder
First Appearance: "Ultimatum"
Position: Leader of Cadmus
Bio: An integral member of the Cadmus project, Amanda Waller was in charge of Maxwell Lord and the Ultimen. Working under the helm of a secret branch of the government, Waller knows things that many others didn’t—including the identity of Batman.

Batman later confronted her ("Born in East St. Louis; Rhode scholar, PHD in Political Science, served in intelligence under three administrations, disappeared from public life four years ago.") about the Cadmus project and what they were doing, telling her that if she ever presented a threat to the well-being of Earth, that the "Justice League will stop you." A tad shaken up after the confrontation, Waller went back to headquarters and attempted to get her priorities straight.

When it looked like the Justice League destroyed an old Cadmus headquarters with their laser, Waller was confronted by Batman, who told her that Lex Luthor, who Cadmus had allied itself with for the "funding", was the one behind it, Waller was skeptical. After learning the truth and that both the League and Cadmus were being played by Lex Luthor, a starting revelation was revealed: Lex Luthor was not just Lex Luthor, but Brainiac.

After the Justice League, Waller called off an airstrike that would have annihilated most of Washington D.C. Though never formally thanking the Justice League or admitting it, Waller knew she was wrong about them.

Amanda Waller’s greatest “secret” was yet to go come, in the form of the future Batman.

When Terry McGinnis’s parents were young, Amanda Waller initiated what she called project “Batman Beyond.” She claimed the world needed a Batman and as she saw Batman getting older and slower, she realized he wouldn’t last forever.

She chose a New Gotham couple with the psychological profiles identical to Bruce Wayne’s parents. Injecting the father with nanintes programmed to rewrite his DNA with Bruce’s, the couple later gave birth to two sons—both sharing Bruce Wayne’s genetic make-up and their mothers.

Amanda Waller hired the assassin Phantasm to kill Terry McGinnis’s parents in front of him, essentially recreating the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents. The killer, however, wouldn’t do it. She refused to kill the childs parents.

Terry eventually found out all of this from Amanda Waller herself. When one of Bruce’s kidney failed and they needed a donor to clone him new ones, Terry turned out to be a perfect hysto-compatibility.

Terry turned to Waller for answers and found them. Terry later asked his longtime girlfriend, Dana Tan, to marry him. He continues to carry the mantle of Batman and fight alongside the Justice League Unlimited.

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