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Bios - Wildcat

Voiced By: Dennis Farina
First Appearance: "The Cat and the Canary"
Position: Justice League Member; Mentor to Many Justice League Members
Bio: Wildcat is one of the top fighters in the Justice League and trained many of them, including Black Canary. When the Justice League started calling him out less and less on missions, Wildcat began to regress into illegal meta-human battles; this fed his urge for fighting, which he wasn’t getting enough of in the League. It also gave him the chance to beat up on meta-humans who were considered “evil;” taking down the likes of Atomic Skull was a pleasure he greatly enjoyed.

When Canary asked him to quit the tournaments, Wildcat refused; this caused Black Canary and Green Arrow to destroy the tournaments. In the process, a match between Wildcat and Black Canary was set up. If Canary won, Roulette had to ban Wildcat from fighting; if Wildcat won, then Canary would leave him alone forever. Although he didn’t want to fight his own student, Roulette forced Wildcat’s hand into the cage.

Once they got to the cage, however, Wildcat found out that he was to face Green Arrow, not Black Canary. Taking the beating of his life, Green Arrow fell after a lengthy time in the ring. Initially thinking that he had killed him, Wildcat walked out of the ring, swearing off fighting. He later found out that Arrow had staged his death, in order to get Wildcat to feel what it’d be like to “go too far.”

Wildcat began counseling with J’onn to get his addiction to fighting under control.

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