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Double Date

Episode #19 - Double Date
Original Airdate - June 4th, 2005

Green Arrow and Black Canary race to stop The Question and Huntress from killing organized crime lord, Tobias Whale.

Review by Bird Boy
Media by Bird Boy
Written by Gail Simone
Directed by Joaquim dos Santos
Music by Michael McCuistion
Animation by D.R. Movie Co., LTD.

Amy Acker as The Huntress
Morena Baccarin as Black Canary
Kin Shriner as Green A rrow
Jeffrey Combs as The Question
Carl Lumbly as J'onn J'onzz
Glenn Shadix as Mondragora
Scott Patterson as Faraday
Joe Nipote as Tony
Steven Shirripa as Cecil
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"I don't get it..." (MP3, 126kb)
"Lose 'em!" (MP3, 82kb)


If I had to pick one episode of Justice League Unlimited to show to someone to try and get them into the show, this would be one of the high-ranking possibilities on the list. There’s an intense amount of action present, as well as great dialogue, character interaction and great animation to back it up.

This episode introduces Huntress as a speaking roll, as well as setting up the relationship between Huntress and Question, which is explored in later episodes. The two characters play off of each other so well that each scene with them is a treat to watch. In addition, we get more Green Arrow and Black Canary, hence the whole “Double Date” title. The episode, if anything, was just a lot of fun to watch.

One of the darker elements of the story was Huntress’s origin. While they didn’t show her parents dieing, combined with Question’s voice over and the visuals we see, it was a rather chilling thing to watch. You get a bit of a Kill Bill Vol. 1 vibe from the flashback, which is similar in the placing of the little girl. Both stories show the little girl witnessing the death of her parents, only, obviously, Kill Bill does it in an extremely gratuitous way, where Justice League Unlimited couldn’t (and I don’t think would have anyway), so it was all off-screen. Perhaps I’m drawing arrows between two things that are unrelated, but the scenes just felt somewhat similar, with, again, the violence aside.

Mandagora in himself is a rather interesting character. He reminds you of Albino from Batman Beyond’s “Mind Games”, although in appearances only. However, in addition to talking, this one is a lot tougher than Mr. Albino; that’s not body fat Mandagora’s carrying, he’s complete muscle. He withstood Canary's scream (including his pants! They must be made of his body) and he gave Arrow, Question and Huntress quite a work out. And now the more I look at him, he kind of looks like Ozzy Osbourne…

There are really no qualms I have with the episode. It’s got a really nice presentation, great characters and some hilarious dialogue. The voice actor for Question also deservers another kudos—his “Bored now, go away” had great delivery. Great episode all around and highly recommended.

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