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Episode #1 - Initiation
Original Airdate - July 31st 2004 - Series Premiere

A reluctant Green Arrow joins forces with the new Justice League to stop a rampaging nuclear monster in Asia.

Episode #2 - For the Man Who Has Everything
Original Airdate - August 7th 2004

Batman and Wonder Woman visit the Fortress of Solitude on Superman's birthday, only to find him trapped by Mongul.

Episode #3 - Hawk and Dove
Original Airdate - August 21st, 2004

Wonder Woman teams up with two super powered brothers, one warlike,the other a pacifist, to stop Ares' plans to escalate a European civil war into World War III.

Episode #4 - Fearful Symmetry
Original Airdate - September 4th, 2004

Supergirl discovers that a series of nightmares she's been having about being an assassin may be far more than just a bad dream.

Note: Originally called "Galatea"

Episode #5 - Kid Stuff
Original Airdate - August 14th, 2004

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern are transformed into eight-year-olds in a desperate attempt to save the world from the magic of Mordred.

Episode #6 - This Little Piggy
Original Airdate - August 28th, 2004

It's musical mayhem when Batman and Zatanna join forces to save a teammate from a fate worse than death.

Episode #7 - The Return
Original Airdate - September 18th, 2004

Nearly two-dozen heroes join forces to prevent an all-powerful android from reaching his goal: the recently reformed Lex Luthor.

Episode #8 - The Greatest Story Never Told
Original Airdate - September 11th, 2004

The Justice League is in epic battle with Mordu in downtown Metropolis, but the real story is what happens to Booster Gold while he's supposed to be on "crowd control".

Episode #9 - Ultimatum
Original Airdate - December 4th, 2004

The Justice League meets the Ultimen, a popular group of young heroes who are about to discover their own horrifying secret origins.

Episode #10 - Dark Heart
Original Airdate - December 11th, 2004

When the entire League is helpless to stop an alien invasion, the world's only hope is the Atom, a microscopic super hero.

Episode #11 - Wake the Dead
Original Airdate - December 18th, 2004

When Solomon Grundy rises from the grave, an old friend must come out of hiding and team up with the League once more.

Episode #12 - The Once and Future Thing, Part 1: Weird Western Tales
Original Airdate - January 22nd, 2005

Batman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern chase a time-traveling villain to the past, where they team up with the greatest heroes of the Old West.

Episode #13 - The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time Warped
Original Airdate - January 29th, 2005 - Season Finale

The Justice League's adventures in time take them to a futuristic Gotham City, where they join forces with that era's Batman and his super team: The Justice League Unlimited.

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