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Holy Frag-a-friggin-molie! Lobo!

You know the Gotham Girls web-series? Did you know that Lobo had his very own online cartoon, too? Produced by Boyd Kirkland, Lobo was a TV-MA-rated webseries which debuted July 2000 at the now-defunct The Lobo online flash-animates series focused on the infamous deeds of Lobo, the intergalactic bounty hunter who careens through the galaxy inciting his patented brand of mayhem. Full of coarse language, blood, guts, and all the madness that comes with the biggest bounty hunter in the DC Universe.

And despite the presence of regular contributors to Batman: The Animated Series and other creative members, Lobo did not take place in the same universe as the aforementioned dark deco classic and others. It can fit, but it's not officially part of it. In short, Lobo is not part of the DCAU, but instead exists alongside with it.

This is a picture, ya dumbass.Here are a list of things that included when it premiered:

- "Spread the Word," a community area designed with Web cards, e-mail-a-friend functionality, chat and message boards.
- "The Main Man Files" gives a glimpse into the world of Lobo. This page will provide new features on an ongoing basis, giving details on everything from Lobo's high-tech gadgetry to his eccentric mannerisms and unsophisticated tongue - "Loboisms."
- "Win Big -- Fan Boy Art Contest," asks users to submit their artwork of a character they create and design (artists from Warner Bros. Online and DC Comics will select the winner based on creative merit). The winning character will be incorporated into a future Internet episode of "Lobo."
- "Lobo's Locker" will give fans downloadable images, audio files, wallpaper and screen savers.
- "Lobo's Game Sty" is a place for users to play games online - smash, clobber, destroy! The interactive games let users get their hands on the controls of Lobo's space-bike and his awesome arsenal-let the mayhem begin!

Incase you haven't figured it out already, no longer exists. We're still not 100% sure about what happened. If we ever find out anymore information, we'll be sure to pass it on to you! Until then, click around, watch the episodes, read some reviews... and frag anything that gets in your way!

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