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Legion of Super Heroes
#03 - Legacy

Original Airdate - October 7th, 2006
Superman unknowingly saves the life of Alexis, one of the wealthiest people in the galaxy. Alexis and Superman become fast friends, but when Superman's Legion responsibilities get in the way of their friendship, Alexis decides to do something about it...

Directed by Tim Maltby
Written by Scott Sonneborn
Mini-Review by Bones Justice
Media by The World's Finest



I really liked this episode. I didn't figure out that Alexis was going to be a Luthor until the end when she lost her hair. I've never read the comics so this was a great surprise for me. But the best part was that the character made a natural progression from friend to enemy in half an hour. And I bought it, too! Plus, I'm so impressed that they didn't give Alexis a change of heart in the end, you know, where she sees the error of her ways. Instead, she figures out that she wants to be a villain! Cool!

I also liked the fact that the other Legion members forgave Superman for turning off his communicator. I was expecting the cliche "how could you ignore your duty" speech. But they recognized how annoying Brainiac can be several times in this episode.

In fact, Brainiac was the only thing I didn't like about this episode. He's sincere yet annoying. They all made a big fuss about his "wound" but then he repaired himself, no big deal! I don't mind that he's a robot but the whole super-mecha aspect of him just annoys me so far. I much prefer the Brainiac we saw in JLU (even though the episode wasn't that great) to Legion of Super Heroes' Brainiac so far. I'd rather see more of Bouncing Boy, Triplicate Girl, and Timber Wolf, but I get the feeling that Brainiac will be in every episode.

I'm amazed that the 31st century still uses good-old-fashioned prisons. So they don't have a problem with erasing Superman's memory but prisoner's minds are out of bounds? Great episode -- four stars!

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