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Legion of Super Heroes
#11 - Chain of Command

Original Airdate - March 3rd, 2007
When disaster strikes Lightning Lad's home planet of Winath, the Legion is called to help. Lightning Lad's efforts to take charge are thwarted however when long-absent Legion leader Cosmic Boy arrives with an enigmatic new hero in tow.

Written by Amy Wolfram
Directed by Lauren Montgomery
Mini-Review by Freedom Fighter
Media by The World's Finest



In, if I remember right, the best episode of the series so far, we got see the characters play off each other a lot - something that has been seriously lacking at times. From the tension between Lightning Lad and not-always-there leader Cosmic Boy, to Bouncing Boy trying to prove he's got the best picture of the situation, it was a treat to see the Legion try to take care of a situation that, at the start, was wildly out of their control.

The background music hit the right tone when Lad tried to save his farm home. Seeing his childhood home ripped away impacts more given him being torn between saving his planet and how he feels somewhat betrayed by Cosmic Boy and splitting up the team.

There are definitely doubts about Bouncing Boy being elected leader thanks to his looks, but thankfully, his clear thinking in a potentially disastrous situation would instill confidence in even the biggest doubters. Congrats, Bouncy... you earned it.

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