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My Comments: Thomas Blake has already appeared in the animated series, although he didn't use the name Catman, nor the traditional Catman costume from the comics. In the episode "Cult of the Cat", Thomas Blake was the leader of an ancient 'cat cult' and wore a black costume like the rest of the cult's members. Now that his cult is dismantled, perhaps Blake will return with a different look? Prior to this, a different take on Blake/Catman appeared in the first run of the "Batman Adventures" comic, where Catman was written as a Catwoman obsessed individual.

VOICE ACTOR: Scott Cleverdon
He's already done the voice of Thomas Blake in the series.

REAL NAME: Thomas Blake
FIRST APPEARANCE: Detective Comics #311
ORIGIN: Once a world-famous trapper of wild cats, Tom Blake retired from the game when he found it held no more challenge for him. Equally bored with retirement, Blake was in conversation with Bruce Wayne one afternoon when a colleague jokingly suggested that both should emulate the Caped Crusader and become crimefighters. Blake was intrigued by the possibilities. But realizing he could never compete with Batman, Blake decided instead to challenge the Darknight Detective by becoming his adversary, thereby reviving the thrill of the hunt, as well as giving Blake a chance to recoup his lost fortune. Since the big cats of the jungle were his field of expertise, Blake took inspiration from the then-retired Catwoman to become the Cat-Man. From the ancient cloth that was once wrapped around a carved cat fetish he had acquired in Africa, Blake sewed together a colorful costume, since legend claimed the cloth possessed mystic powers that would protect its wearer from harm, granting him the nine lives of a cat. The Cat-Man embarked upon a life of crime. Many times over the years, Cat-Man has matched wits with the Batman, each encounter ending with Cat-Man's defeat, and frequently, his apparent death. Yet, like his feline namesake, the Cat-Man seems to have many lives, and always lands on his feet. Blake claims his costume prevents his death, but it remains to be seen whether this is just a delusion on his part. Blake is usually seen with a large tiger or panther as a pet.

((from 'Who's Who in the DC Universe'))

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