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My Comments:
It'll never happen! While I'm not huge fan of the campy 60's Batman series, King Tut and Egghead were probably the two best villains invented specifically for the show. They are memorable characters primarily because Vincent Price and Victor Boeno were great theatrical performers. I doubt these characters will ever resurface but if they do, it will only be after a major revamp takes place. At any rate, here's an eggcellent look at what an animated Egghead might look like! Cool, eh? Note, the eggxaterated cracks on his head. C'mon... you know you love Egghead.

He's the voice of the Orson Welles-esque mouse Brain on "Pinky and the Brain" and also does an AWESOME Vincent Price voice as heard on the "Mother" episode of "Futurama"

Egghead first appeared in the 60's 'Batman' TV show. I don't think he ever really had an origin. He was just really smart, made all kinds of eggstremely bad egg puns and was played by the awesome Prince of Darkness himself, Vincent Price!

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