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The General


My Comments:
Should be a strong candidate! I love creepy stories about psychotic children. The General fits the bill perfectly. He could possibly be introduced as Tim Drake's school-mate. The little military genius had a great three-part comic origin story which could be adapted for the show.

Haley Joel Osment from the "Sixth Sense". He's a good actor and should be given a chance at playing someone bad!

REAL NAME: Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong
FIRST APPEARANCE: Detective Comics #654
ORIGIN: A brilliant military strategist in the body of a mentally unsound eight-year old child, Ulysses Hadrian Armstrong is a deadly individual who should not be underestimated. Ulysses' story begins at the Valley Pines Military Academy where he was sent by his parents. Ulysses found most of the schoolwork boring, and the other cadets were stupid and exceedingly cruel to him. At the Academy, Ulysses discovered a fine library of military history. It was in the library that he found his only joy at Valley Pines. Immersing himself in these books, Ulysses fought a thousand campaigns. He marched to a thousand battlefields. The trumpets of war sounded in his dreams. Finally the boredom and bullies of the Academy overwhelmed Armstrong. He decided that he must destroy them or be destroyed. Late one night, Armstrong packed his belongings and made his fellow cadets suffer the same fate as Carthage - he set fire to the Academy, killing all within. Obsessed with war and victory, the child embarked on his plan of declaring war on Gotham City. Joining together various "loser" gangs in Gotham, Ulysses trained them in the ways of warfare (at first, the child was laughed at, but his skills at military leadership soon convinced them otherwise). Dubbed "The General", by one of his Privates, Armstrong launched a highly succesful attack against Gotham City's ruling powers - the Bad Boy Runners, a leading gang in Gotham, Black Mask's mob, The Gotham City Police Force, and Batman himself. The General and his "Wardogs" successfully removed the threat of Black Mask and the Runners. They also wounded Batman. Making his final attack upon the Police Department, the General was thwarted when the injured Batman returned and took out the Wardogs. The cunning General used his advantage as a child by crying for his mother as
the Batman was about to catch him. Softening for a moment, Batman left himself open for a vicious knife attack from the boy. Undaunted, Batman followed the child to the roof of the police building and easily apprehended him, growling that the boy would be tried as an adult. Since then, the General has been twice released from Juvie Hall, following which he initiated similar assaults. The General is highly educated in military history, is fond of quoting his favorite war-heroes, and wearing child-sized versions of their clothing. Despite his deadly genius, the General has shown that he is still a child and sometimes he does behave in child-like ways. His overprotective mother is utterly blind to his madness. His father and siblings know better. ((from Tec #654-656))

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