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Killer Moth

PAUL DINI'S COMMENTS ON POSSIBLE SHOW APPEARANCE: Both Paul Dini and Bruce Timm have explicitly stated they have no intention of using Killer Moth in the series. Bruce Timm once jokingly stated: "The only way we'll use him is if we can get Dan Akroyd to do the voice and have him running around screaming, 'Aaah! I'm a bug! I'm a bug!'"

Alan Burnett is a little less harsh: "We just haven't thought of a good story for him yet."

My Comments:
He could be the loser villain everyone else makes fun of! He can have a huge inferiority complex because no one takes him seriously! Just don't literally turn him into a big insect like in the comic. Interestingly, this seems to be the villain most requested to appear in the series by Batman fans (much to the confusion of the program's creators).

Why not? Going with Timm's tongue in cheek suggestion, and using the character for comic relief, makes Dan an excellent and fun choice for Killer Moth.

REAL NAME: Drury Walker
ORIGIN: The man who would eventually be known as Killer Moth was originally an unnamed inmate in Gotham State Prison. Having decided that the criminals of
Gotham City needed a guardian just as the honest citizens had Batman as their protector, the inmate became determined to fill that need. Upon his release, the inmate used his ill-gotten fortune and created the identity of Cameron Van Cleer, a wealthy socialite. 'Van Cleer' excavated a cavernous lab beneath his home and set out to develop the most scientific methods of making a crime impossible to solve. After completeing a complex arsenal and donning a strange costume, Van Cleer offered his protection services to the underworld as - Killer Moth. For a price, Killer Moth guaranteed to protect Gotham City's criminals from capture. All participating gangsters were issued a moth-signal - a flashlight that emitted an infrared signal visible only to Killer Moth through special glasses in his helmet. Killer Moth soon came into conflict with Batman and was soundly defeated. Moth has returned several times to plague Batman and his associates. It was later revealed that his real name is Drury Walker.

Killer Moth was the laughingstock of Batman's rogues gallery. No one took him seriously. Frustrated and drowning in his insecurities, Killer Moth sold his soul to the demon Neron in exchange for power and respect. Neron transformed him into the fearome insect-man Xaraxes. Drury Walker is currently in this state and it remains to be seen whether he will ever return to his human form.

SPECIAL COMMENTS: Prior to leaving the 'Gotham Adventures' comic, Ty Templeton revealed that Killer Moth was going to make an animated-style appearance in the comic. This never took place, but now that Ty's back on the animated Batman title, it will be interesting to see if Mr. Templeton has any plans for the character.

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