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Fan Creations - Drawing Board Art Jam

The Drawing Board and Worlds Finest have come together to celebrate and revel in the airing of the rest of the last season of JLU and the last outing for the creative team behind it as well as other favorites such as Batman and Super.

So we asked The fans of the show(s) Why do YOU Love JLU?!

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by Bic

by Bic

by Borg 4of3

by Caped_Crusader

by Caped Crusader

by Captain Infinity

by Captain Infinity

by Captain Infinity

by gcfyouthcamper

by gohanwinner

by James

by Martian Invader

by Martian Invader

by milkmanx

by Outlander00

by psi_freak

by screwonhead

by Silver Knight

by YarHarHar

by Stu


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