This section will highlight comics and comic art. Some of the following comics featured in this section are comics specifically made for this website. Other comics will be some rare and unseen pro stuff, as well as some unpublished material. Enjoy the art in this section! It's very awesome!

***Do not remove any artwork without permission from the artist***

Min S. Ku

Approval - Pages 1-3

The above is an original 3 page Robin story done by Min S. Ku while he was a student at Joe Kubert's School of Graphics.

Eclipsed - Pages 1-2

The above is another short comic story by Min Ku, which was actually an assignment for Joe Kubert's School. The comic is basically an advertisement for the Eclipse using Batman characters, in the B:TAS style.


Good Old Days

The above is an original story made for this website. Salvor says, "I like to think of this story as a great one page companion piece for the episode Old Wounds."