To celebrate the Blu-ray release of The Spectacular Spider-Man: The Complete Series, now available to own, Marvel Animation Age has caught up with Spider-Man himself - voice actor Josh Keaton! In this new interview, Keaton talks about his portrayal of Peter Parker and Spider-Man, his thoughts on the characters, and his frequent run-ins with fans, and much more. Take it away, Josh!

MAA: For those unfamiliar with your background, how did your acting career start and what lead you to The Spectacular Spider-Man? include?

Keaton: I started my career as a child actor. My older sister got into the business first and I tagged along on a commercial audition of hers when I was very young. I wasn't even there to audition but the casting director saw me in the waiting room, brought me in, and I ended up booking it. My sister probably hated me for a little while after that. From there I led a pretty normal life (public school, etc.) with my "alter-ego" life being consumed with auditions, classes, and work. Over the years, I did a bunch of things - independent films, TV shows, cartoons, commercials, I was even in a boyband for a while. The Spectacular Spider-Man came in as an audition, no different than any other audition, but I had already worked as Spidey in a couple of video games so I wasn't going to let the part get away.

MAA: You have a diverse voice acting career, but The Spectacular Spider-Man offered you the opportunity to voice two characters who are actually the same person - Peter Parker and Spider-Man. What thought went into keeping their voices the same, but different? ?

Keaton: Much like Clark Kent/Superman, I chose to have Pete play up his awkwardness in front of everyone else who doesn't know he's Spider-Man. As Spider-Man, he is confident and can say all of the things he wishes he could say as Peter. What's funny is that he's actually three different characters: Spidey, Peter Parker to everyone else, and the Peter Parker in his own head. Peter isn't just wearing a mask as Spidey - even the Parker he has to be to just about everyone in his life is a mask as well. The times he talks to himself I consider to be the closest to the real Peter.

MAA: The theme of the series is the education of Peter Parker. While Peter is surrounded by people his own age at school, Spider-Man is very much a boy in a man's world. Did this have any say in your performances, especially when working alongside the authoritative voices of Kevin Micheal Richardson as The Big Man and Alan Rachins as Norman Osborn?

Keaton: Absolutely. I had done a decent amount of voice work before The Spectacular Spider-Man, but here I was as the title character in a show (an iconic character at that) with so many amazingly talented actors with much more experience. I never really thought about it, but there's absolutely a parallel between stepping into the studio as a relative noob amongst greats, and a nerdy kid putting on a mask and going toe to toe with some of the toughest villains out there.

MAA: You were a Spidey fan before you were cast in the role. Is there any stories/characters you would've liked to seen make it to the show had it continued beyond season two?

Keaton: I would have loved to see some of the more mature storylines like Sin Eater and Gwen Stacy's death among others. I would have loved to see the Spot make an appearance, as well as the Walrus.

MAA: You mentioned in a previous interview that one of the weirdest challenges you've ever had came in the episode "Reinforcements" when you performed as Spider-Man with a burnt tongue. Can you recall any other especially challenges moments in the show?

Keaton: Keeping my concentration with Tricia Helfer in the studio telling me not to get my goop in her hair. Thwip.

MAA: Any funny stories about the recording sessions with the rest of the cast you'd like to share?

Keaton: Greg Weisman and/or voice director Jaime Thomason (I can't remember who) apparently has a tradition where when two characters kiss on screen, they have the actors kiss on mic. Y'know for authenticity. So I got to share a smooch with the lovely Lacey Chabert. A rare win for the ol' webhead.

MAA: You've voiced Spider-Man in a few video games since The Spectacular Spider-Man ended. How do video games compare to cartoons?

Keaton: You're usually alone in a video game session, as opposed to an animation session where you're reading with other actors. The one exception was Spider-Man: Edge of Time where I got to record with Chris Barnes from the 90's Spider-Man show (which was pretty rad). You also have a lot more dialogue to record for games because you have to account for all of the choices the player can make in the game.

MAA: You were set and actually recorded the lines to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man again in The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes before you were dubbed over by Ultimate Spider-Man actor Drake Bell. Many fans were very vocal in their disappointment that you were replaced. Anything you would like to say to them, or about the subject?

Keaton: It was a bummer, but that kind of thing happens all the time in this business. It's not the first project I've recorded everything for and had them decide they wanted to go a different way. It's a decision that has very little to do with the actor and you can't really take it personally or you're gonna have a bad time.

MAA: What do you consider to be the highlight of the show for you, personally??

Keaton: The whole thing was a highlight. I got to play my favorite comic hero in an amazing show and make friends with some incredibly talented people. It doesn't get much better than that..

MAA: What do you think the chances are of you returning to voice the character again?

Keaton: It' s tough to say. I wouldn't say no if the opportunity arose.

MAA: A fun query for you: Liz, MJ or Gwen - pick one!

Keaton: Gwen. All day urr day.

MAA: What are you currently working on?

Keaton: A few video games and direct-to-video movie projects. Auditioning. Lots of auditioning. And being a dad!

MAA: As we wrap this up, what's your final opinion on The Spectacular Spider-Man now?

Keaton: It's my favorite Spider-man ever. But I'm very, very biased.

Marvel Animation Age would like to thank Josh Keaton for his participation in this interview, and his sensational work. He can be found on Twitter at @joshkeaton. Cheers, Josh!