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The World's Finest Presents

Superman: The Animated Series 10th Anniversary

Celebrating 10 years...

On September 6th, 1996 the creative team behind the Emmy award winning Batman: The Animated Series debuted their newest show: Superman: The Animated Series. The show immediately became a fan favorite with its modern art deco Metropolis, superb cast of voice talent and top notch stories that rarely wavered in the shows fifty-four episodes.

Few cartoons have been met with the praise that Superman: The Animated Series has received by both fans and critics. The adaptation of classic heroes (The Flash, Green Lantern), the re-imaging of others (Supergirl) and the many foes that Superman faced throughout the shows four seasons kept audiences on the edge of their seat.

While the show was merged into The New Batman / Superman Adventures header, new episodes continued to be produced. Some fans believe that the best Superman stories came under the TNB/SA name; “Apokolips…Now!” and “Legacy” are some of the deepest stories in all of Superman: The Animated Series, both emotionally and visually.

In an attempt to crown the “best” episode out of the shows fifty-four, The World’s Finest is running a series of polls (just as we did for the tenth anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series) to declare a winner.

The Winner of the Polls: "The Late Mr. Kent"

Note: While a full site for the winning episode was originally planned, a lack of information and ability to get in touch with the full cast and crew of the episode made it too hard to form a site around the little content we did have.


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