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Hoop Squad

Episode #45 (257-376) - Hoop Squad
Original Airdate - February 21st, 2004

During a visit to L.A. for the All-Star game, Static is amazed to discover that the NBA is also a cover for a superhero organization.

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Matt Zimmer
Supervising Producer Alan Burnett
Producer Denys Cowan, Swinton O. Scott III
Associate Producer J.C. Cheng
Written by Len Uhley and David Garber
Directed by Vic Dal Chele
Music by Gousse and Big Tank
Animation by Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD., Koko Enterprises Co., LTD.

Phil LaMarr as Virgil Hawkins/Static, Tracy McGrady / Spin Drive
Jason Marsden as Richie Foley/Gear
Kevin Michael Richardson as Robert Hawkins
David Ogden Stiers as Odium
David Paymer as Mason Andrews
Kath Soucie as El Gata
Karl Malone as Himself / Pulverizer
Jen Sung Outerbridge as Yao Ming / Center Force
Chris Cox as Steve Nash / Point Man
Screen Grabs


Static teams up with four superpowered NBA superstars in this infamous episode.

The story is basically Static teaming up with Basketball stars Karl Malone, Steve Nash, Tracy McGrady, and Yao Ming who are superheroes working for the government after their arch-nemesis uses nano technology to start earthquakes and kidnaps Gear. Honestly I could probably give a better description if my eyes didn't glaze over every time I watch this episode.

This is probably not the worst episode in the history of the DCAU. It just feels like it is. The idea of Basketball Playing Superheroes belongs in the seventies Hanna Barbera trashbin and not on a show that is actually decent. Not that you'd know that by watching this episode. Everything about it was bad including the cliched dialogue, predictable story, and stupid characters. I swear, they must have thought that interrupting robot was funny when they wrote it but the only thing laughable about it is how bad it is.

Static Shock has suffered from clichéd dialogue in the past (it's the show's biggest weakness) but they pulled out all the stops here. Gear actually says "You'll never get away with this". I kid you not. Speaking of Gear he is all kinds of useless. He's gone from annoying sidekick to the damsel in distress on this show. I also groaned at Static telling Gear to "speak English" after some techno-babble which is something I'd expect to hear the Skipper tell the Professor on Gilligan's Island. I know they used this cliché in the great "Flashback" as well but even the best Static episodes usually suffer from bad dialogue here and there and Hoop Squad brings it to new lows. Even the great David Ogden Stiers is wasted in his role as a mustache twirling villain. I expected him to tie Gear to the train tracks at any second.

Something good to say about the episode... Something good... Um... Well the animation isn't that bad actually and the Hoop Squads costumes are colorful. Other than that the only good thing about this episode is that it makes BTAS' Trial and JL's War World look like masterpieces in comparison.

Story: 0
Animation: ***
Average: 1/2
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