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Media - Sound Clips
Presented below is an episode-by-episode basis of sound clips.
They are all taken from their Review pages.

Season 1
Child's Play
"I didn't think anyone..." (77kb, MP3)

Sons of the Father
Richard talks to Static (144kb, MP3)

Season 2
The Big Leagues
"This guy kills me!" (115kb, MP3)
Robin's Punny (250kb, MP3)
"I just wanted to say 'Thanks'" (605kb, MP3)

"Hey man, relax..." (229kb, MP3)

Static Shaq
"Oh Jinkies!" (390kb, MP3)

Frozen Out
"Where are you going?" (148kb, MP3)
Static and Daisy Talk (105kb, MP3)

Pop's Girlfriend
"Of course I am son." (84kb, MP3)

Season 3
Hard as Nails
"Excuse me, Red..." (103kb, MP3)
"What? I said they were bad." (77kb, MP3)
"The desperation." (98kb, MP3)
"Did I say laughter?" (162kb, MP3)
"Nice crib." (202kb, MP3)
"Now Harley..." (162kb, MP3)

Static and Richie Discuss Names (52kb, MP3)

Static in Africa
"Some of us were paying attention..." (70kb, MP3)
"I'm not that kind of spider." (87kb, MP3)

The Usual Suspect
"How do you know that?" (260kb, MP3)

A League of Their Own, Part 1
Flash Heckles Puff (24kb, MP3)

A League of Their Own, Part 2
Batman and Flash talk (219kb, MP3)

Bernie talks to Static (98kb, MP3)
"Nothing works!" (129kb, MP3)

Romeo in the Mix
"So...uh, while you're waiting..." (50kb, MP3)
"Hey, well what about that..." (124kb, MP3)

Trouble Squared
"And the stadium..." (73kb, MP3)
"Pi!" (72kb, MP3)

Toys in the Hood
"It's the end of Superman..." (100kb, MP3)

The Parent Trap
"Maybe that's the problem." (164kb, MP3)
"Agreed." (216kb, MP3)

"Thanks to this!" (90kb, MP3)

Blasts From the Past
"This will help you recognize me..." (164kb, MP3)
"Hey, it was cool in the 60s..." (137kb, MP3)
"You're never too old..." (133kb, MP3)

Season 4
Future Shock
"I don't have a name anymore?" (438kb, MP3)
"I'm Batman." (165kb, MP3)
"What about Robin?" (214kb, MP3)
"Who was it?" (133kb, MP3)
"That's what I was thinkin'!" (62kb, MP3)
"Welcome back." (228kb, MP3)

Out of Africa
"What are you doing here!?" (113kb, MP3)

Fallen Hero
Sinestro and Green Lantern Talk (412kb, MP3)
"We should've been able to tell, somehow..." (80kb, MP3)

Army of Darkness
"He is, isn't he?!" (221kb, MP3)

No Man's An Island
"Yeah? We'll see." (85kb, MP3)
"Look, that's the lead droid..." (167kb, MP3)

Now You See Him...
"We know man, we were there." (70kb, MP3)

"You...know?" (269kb, MP3)
"Did you understand..." (94kb, MP3)
"Is that...Richie?" (120kb, MP3)

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