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Bios - Aquaman

Voiced By: Miguel Ferrer
First Appearance: "A Fish Story"
Position: King of Atlantis

Bio: Aquaman is the hereditary King of the underwater city-state of Atlantis. Because of his ability to communicate telepathically with all sea life - sea birds, fish, mammals, etc. - he is sometimes thought of as the "King of all the oceans".

A stern and austere leader, Aquaman is protective of his underwater environment. As leader of a technologically advanced society, Aquaman has kept a wary eye on the "surface dwellers" for years, resentful of their wanton disregard for the ecology of his beloved oceans. Until his appearance in Metropolis, both Aquaman and his lost city were thought to be mere legends.

A potentially dangerous enemy for Superman, he also holds the promise of being a great and helpful ally. Only time will tell which of the two paths their relationship will take.

Check out Aquaman in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

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