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Bios - Big Barda

Voiced By: Farrah Forke (Batman Beyond)
First Appearance: "Apokolips...Now! Part 2"
Position: Ally, Justice League Unlimited Member

Bio: Big Barda was born and raised on Apokolips in Granny Goodness's orphanage. She trained with the Female Furies, and was a member of the elite Special Powers Force, made up of herself, Bernadeth (the sister of DeSaad), Lashina, Mad Harriet, and Stompa. Though she was, at first, loyal to Granny, she questioned the ways of Apokolips, and covered for one of her fellow furies who had come under the sway of Himon's teachings.

It was during a mission to retrieve that individual from Himon's quarters before an imminent raid that she first encountered Scott Free (Mr.Miracle), and though she was taken with him almost immediately, she could not bring it upon herself to escape for Earth at the time he did through Metron's boom tube.
Later, however, Barda did flee Apokolips and come to live with Scott on Earth, and assist him in his escape act. After several attacks upon the two of them by Darkseid's minions, Barda accompanied Scott back to Apokolips, where Scott earned his freedom through trial by combat, and Barda convinced her old unit to return to Earth with her for a time. Returning to Earth, Scott and Barda had several adventures, and gradually fell in love. After a time, they were married, and left Earth to live on New Genesis so that Scott could explore his lost heritage.

Barda came back to Earth in the future to join Superman, Batman (Terry McGinnis), and others in the Justice League Unlimited to protect earth from Darkseid, among other evil forces. She ages slowly and still retains her killer instict and warrior spirit.

Check out Big Barda in Batman Beyond and Justice League Unlimited.

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