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Bios - Superman

Voiced By: Tim Daly
First Appearance: "Brave New Metropolis"
Position: Alternate-Dimension Superman

Bio: In another dimension where Lois Lane died from a car bomb that Superman was unable to stop, this Superman gave up in his fight against peace and instead instituted a dictatorship with Lex Luthor. Together they made Metropolis a safe haven where no crime could be committed, but a small group of rebels opposed Superman and Luthor.

When Earth’s Lois journeyed through this dimension via a project that Hamilton was working on, she discovered this drastically different world. She eventually met up with Superman and was able to change his mind about all of these strict rules and lack of freedom that Metropolis now had.

Once they parted, this Superman was now, once again, without Lois and Lois was now filled with feelings for Superman that she never knew she had.

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