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Bios - Angela Chen

Voiced By: Lauren Tom
First Appearance: "Last Son of Krypton"
Position: News Reporter

Bio: Glamorous Angela Chen is star gossip columnist for the Daily planet. If something exciting, shocking or scandalous is happening among Metropolis elite, you can be sure Angela will have all the dirt in the morning edition. In addition to her duties at the Planet, Angela also serves as on-camera hostess of Metropolis Today, a somewhat sensationalistic infotainment TV show produced by Planet News Broadcasting.

Angela is Chinese-American, stunningly beautiful (in a Hollywood kind of way) and will certainly use her looks and charm when pursuing a story. This doesn't exactly endear Angela to Lois Lane, who always relies on sweat to get a tough job done. (Needless to say, the two have a healthy rivalry going.) Of all Perry's reporters, Angela is the one he has to watch the most, for Angela is much more likely to "stretch" the truth in order to come up with a sensational story. Whether it is true or not is beside the point, at least in Angela's mind.


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