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Bios - Professor Emil Hamilton

Voiced By: Victor Brandt
First Appearance: "A Little Piece of Home"
Position: Scientist, Friend of Superman (Now "Ex", events in 'Legacy' changed things)

Bio: The brilliant Professor Hamilton is general director of S.T.A.R. Labs, A Nobel prize winner many times over, Hamilton has developed much of the ultra-technology that makes Metropolis a true city of the future. He's a close friend of Superman's and has created the special supersuits the Man Of Steel uses on missions in outer space or under the sea. Hamilton has virtually no life outside of his lab. He lives and breathes science and his dialogue is peppered with techno-jargon. In fact, when explaining how a new invention works, Hamilton will use so many obscure technical terms that people often wind up asking him for an English translation. Truth be told, Hamilton's much more comfortable around computers and machines than he is around people.

After Superman had gone rogue due to Darkseid's mind control, Hamilton felt betrayed by Superman and hasn't been comfortable ever since.

Check out Hamilton in Justice League Unlimited.

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